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We provide the following modalities.

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Reference Point Therapy
Tibetan Himalayan Healing Bowls
Matrix Energetics
Additional Methods


Reference Point
Therapy - Certified Practitioners

Reference Point Therapy works by identifying the underlying point which holds all the trauma in place. One of the key insights of Reference Point Therapy is that the traumatic events which lead people to healing or therapy (such as abuse, car accidents, etc), are NEVER the original reference point. That is why we know so many people who have had years of counselling over an abuse and are not completely healed. There was a vulnerability that came FIRST and which on some level made the person vulnerable to the abuse. We don't heal the abuse, we help release the underlying vulnerability.

Physical      People have reported experiencing help for everything from cancer to arthritis to broken bones and cuts. RPT has been used with many conditions - often in conjunction with Western medicine or other alternative treatments. The only pre-requisite is a genuine desire to get better.

Emotional   Many people feel that they are being blocked in some area of their life. Typical blocks may be fears, or limiting beliefs about relationships or abundance. RPT has also been used by people dealing with grief, depression or anxiety.

Spiritual      Many people who benefit from RPT have no physical or emotional "condition". They may have just a sense that there is something holding them back, or something more they could be achieving in their lives. Sometimes people are being held back by a block which is energetic or spiritual in origin. Some people may be seeking spiritual development (aiding the journey of the soul) by eliminating karma and clearing old spiritual blocks.

Sessions can take place in person or over the phone. They are scheduled for 2 hours with a 1/2 hour follow up. Sessions may not take the full time allocated. Payment is required prior to the session. Sessions cost $150 and includes the follow up.

To schedule a RPT session click here or call 303-948-9681303-948-9681
To pay for a session click here
For more info – RPT      

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Himalayan Healing Bowls - Certified Practioners

Imagine being enveloped in the rich and beautiful sounds of Ancient Singing Bowls of the Himalayas. Feel the complete relaxation as you fall into attunement with the universal frequencies of oneness. Be surprised with the transformations you experience.

Singing bowls are a powerful mystery. Made of seven auspicious metals, they were formed by Tibetan monks as they chanted sacred prayers into them. They produce the sound of AUM, the sound of energy becoming matter. They alter space, mind and time, awaken cellular memory and heal the energy body. The act of listening to the sound of a singing bowl stops one's internal dialog, making the bowls an excellent tool for meditation, centering, and trance induction.

We have 40 Himalayan bowls that allow us to select just the right combination for you. Bowls are placed next to you and on you. Himalayan crystals shaped into power symbols are used to further deepen the session.

We have helped many people with their energetic healing process.  One individual was scheduled for head surgery and had a MRI showing what was to be removed. They asked us to work with them using the bowls. After four sessions they had another MRI after which the surgery was cancelled.  Another lady was experiencing difficulty urinating. Two session and she reported the problem had gone away.

If you are working on making specific energetic changes then plan on four or more sessions to allow the bowls to help you.

Sessions last for about 1 hour but expect to sit for 20 mins before you are ready to drive or have someone come with you
.  Payment is required prior to the session. Sessions cost is $100 at our location, $115 at your location.

To schedule a Bowl session click here or call 303-948-9681
To pay for a session click here

For more information - Click Here
Clients Experience:  
MRI Results      Experience2

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Reiki Masters in Usui, Tibetan, Parallels, and Kundalini Lineages

Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that allows everyone to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve health and enhance the quality of life. Reiki is now an accepted method used in hospitals to provide a better healing experience and does have a medical code for insurance purposes. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through you and surrounds you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well-being.

Sessions take place in person. They are scheduled for 60 mins.  Payment is required prior to the session. Sessions cost is $100 at our location or $115 your location.

To schedule a Reiki session click here or call 303-948-9681303-948-9681
To pay for a session click here

For more information about Reiki here is a link to one of many informative sites - Click Here

We also teach Reiki Level I, II, Master
Experience                                                                      Classes we Teach    
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Energetics - Certified Practitioners & Study Group Leader

Matrix Energetics is based on Quantum physics and changes occur at the photon level. It is a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation. It is a transferable and teachable phenomenon, powered by intent, which has a physical and observable effect. Our rule is nothing happens unless it is for the best. We can't promise what will happen or if something will happen - we have just noticed that something has happened each time.

Sessions can take place in person or over the phone. They are scheduled for 60 mins. Sessions may not take the full time allocated. Payment is required prior to the session. Sessions cost is $100

To schedule a ME session click here or call 303-948-9681303-948-9681
To pay for a session click here

Client Experiences
For more info - Matrix web site


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Bruno Groening

Medically verified healings using spiritual methods.
All community hours are Free.
Pat is the Englewood Community leader for Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.  

To arrange for an introduction to Bruno Groening Teachings please go to . Bruno Groening Info

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                   Additional Methods we are Trained in. 

Yuen Method - Practitioners in Training - Developed by Dr. Kam Yuen, the Yuen Method is an energetic technique that has taken 5,000 years of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple healing. The Yuen Method is a blending of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic technique, quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong Training. For additional details see www.yuenmethod.com

Reconnective Healing - Practioners Level II - Reconnective Healing is a form of healing that is here on the planet for the first time. It reconnects us to the fullness of the universe as it reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are. It is considered to be able to connect us to the universe and to our essence not just through a new set of healing frequencies, but through possibly an entirely new bandwidth. For more information see - www.thereconnection.com 

Theta DNA - Practioners Level II - Theta Healing can be most easily described as an attainable miracle for your life. In Theta Healing , we put to use our natural intuition, relying upon God's unconditional love to do the actual "work". By changing your brain wave cycle to include the "theta" state, you can actually watch God create, instantaneous physical and emotional healing. For more information see -  www.thetahealing.com

SRT or Spiritual Response - Therapy Practioners - Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a psychic-spiritual method that uses universal energies to heal past life traumas and subconscious blocks.  For more information see - http://www.spiritualresponse.com/

Magnified Healing(R)  - Practitioners and Teachers - An ancient healing modality was introduced to earth in 1983.  Previously, this healing was used only in the higher dimensions by Ascended Masters to assist themselves, the Masters on earth, and mankind under special divine dispensation. Pat and Catherine have also attended and use as part of their healing practice the training from the Celebration and Light workshops. For more information see www.magnifiedhealing.com

Tom Tam Healing System - Tom Tam Healing System was based on the HuaTo JaiJi from traditional Chinese medicine. Tom verified it and enhanced the system to include the neck and the head. It is the most complete healing system based on today's central nerve knowledge. Tom has been using this system to treat many difficult diseases very successfully. For more information see http://www.easternhealingcenter.com/tomtam/tomtam_healing_system.htm

Other: NLP, Hypnosis, hands on healing, & Oneness Deeksha Blessing.

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To Pay for a session:
Note: Refunds are not provided for session payments.

Tibetan Bowls, Reiki, Matrix
We charge $100 per session at our location. $115 at your location. Sessions can last up to 60 mins depending on the methods used.

**Set aside an extra 20mins to get to the point you feel ready to drive or have someone come with you**

To pay for one of the above sessions at our location - please use this Pay Now button $100

To pay for one of the above sessions at your location - please use this Pay Now button $115

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To Pay for a RPT session:
     Note: Refunds are not provided for session payments.

Reference Point Therapy
We charge $150 per session. Sessions are scheduled for 2 hours. Sessions may take less time than the time scheduled.

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